I am a photographer based in Cambridge. I stepped into photography with the influence from the works of some renowned photographers back in my motherland ( Sri Lanka) such as Mr. Chandrasena Perera and Mr. Panduka De Silva. I was also influenced by the works of my father Rohona Perera. I initially started with landscapes, but sooner developed interest on street and candid photography. Over the years my approach to photography has changed and now I mainly concentrate on Black & White Fine Art photography and streets. Of course I still practice Landscapes when the opportunity occurs !

My main themes revolve around likes of minimalism and negative space photography. I like less noise in the frame hence negative space may predominate many of my shots. I believe the image should not give the viewer everything about the scene, instead make room for imagination. This will stimulate different emotions in different viewers, thereby will enjoy the image in a more personalized manner.



Manitha Perera